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Friday, March 11, 2011

My day today, my FuNny CaT, & how I store his food! Rofl! My big fat cat's story...

I had such a busy day today, trying to catch up from all the time I lost while being sick. So, I've been basically rushing today; I came in with the "haul" from my day. I dumped it all in the mud-room that is just off the garage, bags of groceries, all the lute from Wal-Mart, tubes of paints, and two large cat food bags from Pet Smart. I was trying to put the groceries away, and put up the new lamps I bought, but the cats were trying get my attention because they knew what was in the bags from Pet Smart. I got the lamps up, with my uncoordinated Mooshu trying to jump up on the back of the corner of the couch, only to miss and fall.

Here is Mooshu:

Lol, it was so funny that I laughed at him. If a cat can be embarrassed, I think he was from the look on his face. If only I could have taken a picture of that to share! As you can see in this belly shot, this is why he is not graceful. He has extra weight on him.
Picture of Mooshu and Bagheera (Bagheera is much more graceful!)
Then both cats started trying to bite the bags open, no longer patient with me. So, I decided to leave everything scattered all over the mudroom, including all the flower petals on the rug that I tracked in and instead do my cat food ritual. I found the entire event that I am going to share with pictures way too funny not to share.      
This is one of two bags that I purchased today. These were the bags that they would have chewed holes into, had I not taken care of transferring the cat food. And by the way, that is why I started putting the cat food in tubs in the first place!

As soon as I dumped the food into their containers, this is what happened:
Do ya think he was hungry? He immediately buried his face in one of the tubs of food before I had a chance to get the lids on.

Okay, I got the lids on, all but one, lol! See the bags just dropped at the door behind the cat? And note the petals on my entry rug.
I even, just for fun, tried moving them around a bit, he just kept following the one without it's lid. He didn't even come up for air!
I decided to call his name and see if he'd look at me and he did for a brief moment, but the look on his face says it all!
Then right back to eating...
I love the picture with his tongue out.
I finally got the bins all with lids into the laundry room safe from Mooshu the cat.

He went to his newly filled bowl after I put the last lid on. For some reason he thinks the food right out of these containers is better than what is in his bowl. I was beside myself today at the antics of Mooshu. I'd say he was a jokester by the way he went clowning around today, but I do not think he was doing all the shenanigans to be funny. I think mischief is more like it.

Hum, do you think these containers will hold that fat cat back?

I'm thinking these are cat proof, but I wonder if a fat cat-burglar could break the locks on top and burst in! His crime would be gluttony, or in his mind, hunger. ;-) I have a Garfield living in my home. Well, at least he doesn't like lasagna! ~Or I'd have to buy containers for all my pasta! Wait, I already did that, lol...
Man, a cats life must be rough!

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