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Friday, March 4, 2011

Have you ever felt God has forsaken you? Why did you let this happen to me? A story of a man and his relationship with his Father / God.

God, How Could You Do This to Me?
The exhausted survivor hauled himself up on the tiny beach of a deserted island. He prayed with all his might to be rescued, but no one came to save him.
Now into months on the island, he filled his days with work, building himself a hut.
He longed desperately to be among people again, but he consoled himself with the work of his hands, and his constant talk to God.
One day, he returned from a scavenging for food to find his hut in smoldering ashes, burned to the ground.

Everything he had made was gone. "God how could you do this to me?" he raged. God had abandoned him. He was totally alone, a broken man.
The next day, the man awoke from his tormented dreams to the sounds of a boat: He was saved! Delirious with joy, the man asked his rescuers how they had found him after all this time. "We saw your smoke signal," they answered.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to trick an Orchid into a Rebloom? Gardening, Flowers.

Here is an Orchid that we have been nursing to bloom again. This second time blooming is even better, bigger and had more buds than the first time. Orchids are one of the flowers that make the most gorgeous flower! Just look at how delicate each flower is! A work of art per blossom! Here is a close snapshot of our blossoms in our kithen window-sill. 
This orchid had several shoots (they looked like roots growing up as a stem). We did not know what to do with them, guessing we should cut them off, so we did. We left one shoot that looked more like a stem. This is how we now have the multiple blooms. All the energy is now in the one stem with it's mulitple buds.

If your plant has leaves that are smaller than 3 to 4 inches, cut off the main stem to prevent it from blooming, so that it does not waste it's energy on the flowering. After it reaches a larger, more mature size it will make a beautiful bloom and your plant will last as a pet for your household, giving you many more blooms in the future.
It needs a light watered down fertilizer about once a week. A trick to not over water them is simply use an ice cube once a week. Or you can water it once a week, letting the water go through and out the bottom. Do not let water sit in the catch pan because they do not like to sit in water. Do not let water sit on the green leaves. Cotton ball dry any water on the green parts.

Your Orchid will need to be tricked into a Winter-Spring to bloom again. It is similar to what spring bulbs need, they need to experience cold before they think it is spring again. An orchid simply needs night temperatures to be about ten degrees cooler than its days. In our home we turn the thermostat down and the plant is located in an area that may get to 67 at night, by day around 71. This varying temperature gave the plant the signal to bloom again.  ;-)

Check out this link to see some gorgeous photos of different kinds of these beautiful creatures --up close. They are a work of art. I am feeling the need to paint these beauties! Sometimes the imagination cannot out-do nature and in the case of the orchid, I think this is true.
Orchids are so worth the work. It is just like an old friend shinning her new designer clothes for you each time she comes up with a new bud!
I hope you go out and get one. ;-) Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Out w Valentine's Flowers; in w Jewerly Shopping & Sales!

I'm thinking it is time to throw out my Valentine Flowers; what do you think? 
I so enjoyed the gifts while they lasted.
On the positive side, as we discard the used up chocolate boxes and dead cut flowers, now is the time to purchase that bracelet or necklace you have been eye-balling.
Various center stones can be found in handmade necklaces such as this one. They are now half off this time of year:
(Disclaimer: found at Cartoonstock.com)
Valentine's Day prices are now a thing of the past; jewelers are looking to make a sale in this slow time of the year. 
 They will be putting out special promotions to bring in customers.
This Braided piece was $99.97, now it is 50 % off:
All of the jewerly that I make are now 50 % off in the spa's and galleries because the holiday's have passed.
And because I am making a new collection!
...And this 5 string design:http://lisakramerart.com/ (click the jewerly tab). There is more jewelry on the web-site that can be seen, all are half off. Only one of a kind designs are made, so if they are sold, they will not repeat; however, a similar piece can be made.
If you desire diamonds, or a special 8 karat tennis bracelet, inquire at your favorite store about what post Valentine's Day specials they have running. Now would be the best time of the year.
This is a pic I just shot of my wrist. The diamond tennis bracelet was a treat to myself, bought this time of year about two years ago. I said, "self, you have been through a lot, you deserve a treat." And self agreed, now I enjoy wearing it. ;-) Of course the memorial bracelet was a sweet gift (see blog http://lisakramerartlifestyle.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-kids-and-i-received-beautiful-gift.html), and the gold one was a gift from my husband (which I charish now). I say, if it makes you smile to wear it... need I say more?
 It is also a good time to buy cold weather clothing like long sleeves, boots or coats. Sales galore! Treat yourself at half --to sometimes 90 percent markdowns!
 really unique fashion.

Do these bags look too empty? Or is it just me?    
Okay, so now it is time for you to fill your own empty box with something that you really want!
Happy Shopping! ;-)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Springtime Centerpiece: Happy Daisy Flowers Indoors.

Today I wanted to put something happy into my home. Is there anything happier than daisies? I love this simple flower. I grow Shasta Daises in my backyard. You can, however, find a bundle of these beauties for five dollars at Wallmart, or any grocery store will have daisies.
Spring is on the cusp of being here and I am too excited to wait, so I made this sunny springtime arrangement for my bar. If you want to do the same with your flowers, you start with purchasing a floral sponge at a craft store (it is not expensive). I got this one from Micheals, but I cannot remember it's exact cost. (Can also be found at your local dollar store for: well, one dollar. ;0) It is different from styrofoam because you can mold it by pushing in on it with your fingers (a bit like playdough, but more sturdy).
This type of floral sponge will hold water, so your arrangement will not die to soon.

Cut the sponge in the shape of your vase. You can use any short vase you like. I like the contemporary feel of the square one. I also use a rounded old fashioned white one.  
You can use decorative rock, glass, shells, or anything really to hide the sponge for a clear glass vase. Here I used glass rocks. 
You can push the rocks down the side to hide the sponge.

 Now take your flower with the long stems and cut off the measured length it will take to push the flower into the sponge 3/4 of the way down to the bottom of the vase and still have the flower reach just above the top of the vase. Snip one flower, now use that cut throw-away stem to be your measure or ruler for the remainder of the individual flowers.
 I snip at an angle, it is better for the water absorption. Also pull off all the green leaves, you will not be able to see them, so they will not add to the beauty of the arrangement. They will breakdown, rot, cause an odor, and make your water mucky, causing your flowers to have a shorter life.

 Take your vase with the cut sponge and your decorative rocks in it and push the flowers into the sponge, taking the stem about 3/4 of the way down. The sponge will hold them into place.
Fill the arrangement out, keeping the flowers at the same level, the flower's petals should just touch the top of the glass of your vase.
See the flower's arranged and note the height placement, as well as the water level.
Add your water and a packet of plant food, if you have it. I have also used sugar before. A bit of bleach or lemon juice keeps the fungi and bacteria at bay. Here's a basic home recipe: 1 quart water + 2 tablespoons lemon juice + 1 tablespoon sugar + 1/2 teaspoon bleach.
Happy Spring; enjoy your flowers!