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Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to trick an Orchid into a Rebloom? Gardening, Flowers.

Here is an Orchid that we have been nursing to bloom again. This second time blooming is even better, bigger and had more buds than the first time. Orchids are one of the flowers that make the most gorgeous flower! Just look at how delicate each flower is! A work of art per blossom! Here is a close snapshot of our blossoms in our kithen window-sill. 
This orchid had several shoots (they looked like roots growing up as a stem). We did not know what to do with them, guessing we should cut them off, so we did. We left one shoot that looked more like a stem. This is how we now have the multiple blooms. All the energy is now in the one stem with it's mulitple buds.

If your plant has leaves that are smaller than 3 to 4 inches, cut off the main stem to prevent it from blooming, so that it does not waste it's energy on the flowering. After it reaches a larger, more mature size it will make a beautiful bloom and your plant will last as a pet for your household, giving you many more blooms in the future.
It needs a light watered down fertilizer about once a week. A trick to not over water them is simply use an ice cube once a week. Or you can water it once a week, letting the water go through and out the bottom. Do not let water sit in the catch pan because they do not like to sit in water. Do not let water sit on the green leaves. Cotton ball dry any water on the green parts.

Your Orchid will need to be tricked into a Winter-Spring to bloom again. It is similar to what spring bulbs need, they need to experience cold before they think it is spring again. An orchid simply needs night temperatures to be about ten degrees cooler than its days. In our home we turn the thermostat down and the plant is located in an area that may get to 67 at night, by day around 71. This varying temperature gave the plant the signal to bloom again.  ;-)

Check out this link to see some gorgeous photos of different kinds of these beautiful creatures --up close. They are a work of art. I am feeling the need to paint these beauties! Sometimes the imagination cannot out-do nature and in the case of the orchid, I think this is true.
Orchids are so worth the work. It is just like an old friend shinning her new designer clothes for you each time she comes up with a new bud!
I hope you go out and get one. ;-) Enjoy.

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