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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bring Spring in January Centerpiece: Homemaker

(Disclamer: Pictures found through fotosearch).

Down comes the Holiday decorations, leaving an empty feeling and house. I like to look at the bulbs outside; they are poking their green heads out, as if to say,"Is it Spring yet?"

I have learned from their lead to take some of the green into my home. Try planting a bit of grass, chives, or bulbs into a glass vase (tall, narrow or wide), canning jar, baby food jar, or you get the picture! I tend to use a narrow vase for this project. The choices of what to use to bring spring into your home are endless. While your debating, take into account that seeds need potting soil, while bulbs do not. Bulbs can be put into just water, or decorative rocks and water. After they bloom and are no longer pretty, I plant them into the ground outside. As long as the bulb is alive, it will regrow every spring.
Note: If you use wide, you will need more bulbs (I love tulips for beautiful simplicity or hyacinths for amazing smell) or seed (grasses or chives). The picture below is a great example of using grasses. I like to cut a blunt cut on the top, just one inch above the rim of the vase. I found the following image on: http://www.twincities.com/life/ci_14519118; great little article too.

I will use short and wide for tightly fitted roses, cutting them at 7-8 inches tall by 18-24 roses (depending on how wide and tall my vase is). Hydrangeas will also make a super easy decoration; I love the green variety because they shout SPRING to me!

Spring is just around the corner!

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