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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Paint on canvas or board: Arts and Crafts

I have had several friends who desire to learn how to paint, or to further their craft skills with a paintbrush. I saw this beautiful lady on a scuba dive trip and could not get her out of my head until I painted her. So, here are the stages of "Sea Turtle Takes a Breath."

Cover canvas with either a light color like off white, or with your background color, like I did here. Lighter first coat makes the colors pop brighter. A darker background will give the opposite effect, it depends on the feel you desire.
 This gradual blue undercoat is going to be under the surface of the ocean. You can see the paints, pallet, and brushes. The undercoat is done in acrylic because it drys quicker than oil.
 The second stage is simply painting a rough outline of your painting; it is like sketching with paint instead of a pencil. I used an off-white because I want the colors to pop out on this one.
 Now I am outlining the main shape with green to create the lowest level, or the painting that is going to be the furthest back, leaving the foreground to do last. I do the body first (The shell will be on top of the body).
 Now the beginning of the shell, face and bottom legs. I am switching to oil paints at this time. The lower lights are being applied first. (Just like in hair color).
 More detail to turtle and the surface of the ocean has begun. A dry paintbrush stroke made the sunlight come into the water with simple linear strokes.
 Highlights of lighter colors and white to accent the shell and face. This painting can be done as is. Each painter will find their own expression. My style is  a 3D texture. My paintings come out (if you feel them with your hand). I achieve this by using a lot of paint or mediums. So, I have one more step.
Thicker paint to create a shell that literally comes out if you touch it, or look at the side of the painting. Sea Turtle Takes a Breath is finished! Wala! I hope you have fun in your painting endeavors!

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