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Monday, January 3, 2011

Composting, My Dirty little Secret to Great Gardens! Compost Gardening Outdoor fun, save the green planet & grow nutrient rich black dirt & tasty vegetables.

Composting, My Dirty little Secret to Great Gardens!
How and what to compost, is a question I am asked whenever someone finds out that I do it, or they see this picture in my kitchen. It is one picture that I do not share with great joy. Currently, we have been using grocery bags or whatever bags that come into our home. I want my stock-pot sink back. It would be nice to use it properly and not to only hold compost clippings.
Compost materials include: vegetable or fruit material, coffee grounds, yard clippings from pruning and egg shells (crushed they add air to soil and make it lighter). Do not use meat, dairy, breads, pastas, or fats; you want biodegradable materials, and those items would stink up your compost, and not to mention, draw animals. Although, we have racoons that have frequented our compost bin; they like my bird feeders too.

This is a Picture out of the Crate & Barrel catalog that came weeks ago. It is a purchase that I requested for Christmas; I was given grander things. So, I guess I will be getting this little beauty for myself. It will sit on the counter, ready for any scraps during cooking. Then, I will reclaim my sink by the stovetop.

 Once you have enough gathered, carry it out to the larger compost bin that is located outside. Occasional turning aids the process and I have learned to add earth worms because they help to breakdown the the compost's contents.
 A look inside our current compost shows the raw material at the top. You can view our pumpkins from our fall decorations that are now degrading.
 Purchasing a bin w access to the formed dirt at the bottom is a must to keep the cycle going.  Black rich dirt with nitogen, and the minerals that plants love, is in this dirt. This is why my tomatoes and vegetables taste so good. Now you know of my dirty little secret; it is in the dirt!
So, keeping in the green theme, we can recyle plastic, glass, cans and paper. Luckly, we have curbside pick-up. We pay a small fee to add it to our sanitation pick-up. It makes the kids and I feel good, as if we are contributing in some way to the earth cause. Opps, the beer cans are not mine! I'm showing you all everything!

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