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Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Easy Handmade Item, an animal print Blanket: Sewing, arts & crafts gift or for your home.

 Every year I get out the sewing needles to make handmade gifts. In my family they are appreciated more than the store bought ones. Those that see the end results usually think I spent more time on the project than the reality of it all. A blanket is the easiest sewing project that will make those around you marvel at your skill. Depending on the age of the person you are sewing for, the size of the blanket will be smaller for a young child, than for an adult with a queen sized bed. 

Purchase 1 to 2 yards of two types of fabric that suit the one receiving this gift, sew or surger around three sides, right sides together. Turn from inside out to right side out, now you have one unfinished edge. Iron about 1 inch under to form a hem, so that the outside does not have the raw edges, they are turned into the sleeping bag shape. Pin in place, now sew together w a zigzag, decorative stitch, or a simple number 4 on the setting for a large plain stitch.  In the picture the top is folded over; I usually make the top fold over for a decorate edge, but it is unnecessary. 

You can also sew holiday themed blankets to spice up your holiday Decor! 

Happy sewing…

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