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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Out w Valentine's Flowers; in w Jewerly Shopping & Sales!

I'm thinking it is time to throw out my Valentine Flowers; what do you think? 
I so enjoyed the gifts while they lasted.
On the positive side, as we discard the used up chocolate boxes and dead cut flowers, now is the time to purchase that bracelet or necklace you have been eye-balling.
Various center stones can be found in handmade necklaces such as this one. They are now half off this time of year:
(Disclaimer: found at Cartoonstock.com)
Valentine's Day prices are now a thing of the past; jewelers are looking to make a sale in this slow time of the year. 
 They will be putting out special promotions to bring in customers.
This Braided piece was $99.97, now it is 50 % off:
All of the jewerly that I make are now 50 % off in the spa's and galleries because the holiday's have passed.
And because I am making a new collection!
...And this 5 string design:http://lisakramerart.com/ (click the jewerly tab). There is more jewelry on the web-site that can be seen, all are half off. Only one of a kind designs are made, so if they are sold, they will not repeat; however, a similar piece can be made.
If you desire diamonds, or a special 8 karat tennis bracelet, inquire at your favorite store about what post Valentine's Day specials they have running. Now would be the best time of the year.
This is a pic I just shot of my wrist. The diamond tennis bracelet was a treat to myself, bought this time of year about two years ago. I said, "self, you have been through a lot, you deserve a treat." And self agreed, now I enjoy wearing it. ;-) Of course the memorial bracelet was a sweet gift (see blog http://lisakramerartlifestyle.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-kids-and-i-received-beautiful-gift.html), and the gold one was a gift from my husband (which I charish now). I say, if it makes you smile to wear it... need I say more?
 It is also a good time to buy cold weather clothing like long sleeves, boots or coats. Sales galore! Treat yourself at half --to sometimes 90 percent markdowns!
 really unique fashion.

Do these bags look too empty? Or is it just me?    
Okay, so now it is time for you to fill your own empty box with something that you really want!
Happy Shopping! ;-)

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