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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Begining several new projects. Taking stage pictures for four current Works in Progress. ;-)

Added current updates as of Feb. 15: they will be in in this bright teal color. ;-) Feb. 27: added the finished image of "Mandarin Dreams" and "Torrential  Abstract." Scroll down to end of this blog to view the two newest works. ;-)
I heard from a few disappointed friends about not taking enough stage photos along the way on my last two paintings, so... these will be for you. I get it, it is kinda fun to watch the development. --Finishing a project is a drag sometimes, like most things I guess. For me, the most fun part of painting is the beginning, because I am creating.

All the steps of four different paintings: Snow Globe, Pussy and Willow, My Backyard Pond, and Seahorses. Today (Feb. 15) just added two more at the bottom of the page; one abstract and "Merpeople."
Now working on Seahorse. I took a small break on this one, bc I was debating on the creative process... Lol, i.e.: what idea do I want to go with. I decided to add a second seahorse. (You need to scroll down to see this one; it is the forth painting). This one is now finished, scroll down to see.

Current Works in Progress: 

*Winter Wonderland changed to "Snow Globe", Painting number #1:*
Stage One, Winter Wonderland
Stage Two, Winter  Wonderland (sketch my idea in white paint onto canvas):

Stage Two, Winter Wonderland
Stage Two, close up

Stage 3 is starting to paint over outline.
Stage 3, Winter Wonderland
Today worked on stage 3, the animals and birds star, etc:
Stage 3, Winter Wonderland above.
Stage 4, pencil sketching small detailed images:
Girl bending over pulling road to the side (surrealism).

Metal Mechanical balloons sketched in pencil
Pencil sketches in of girl pulling up road and globes in place, ready to paint.

Stage 5, Painted in the pencil sketches today. Painted a lot today for one day. Here is the sky:

Close up of girl pulling up the street to see underneath it:

Animals, Nov. 8, 2011:

Stage 5, Winter Wonderland, Nov. 8, 2011:
Worked on Elephant:
Girl and Elephant together:

Worked on all the animals:
I gave the elephant a gold bar to hold on his head.
Sheep with Frankincense on his back is just arriving; awaiting to add low lights to him and his frankincense gift:

Deer poking in to join the fun:

Stage 5 and 6 now done:

Stage 7; Added shading, sketched and started painting snow globe in far upper right corner, added lights, gave camel a tail and etc:
Stage 7, Sky:
Stage 7, Land:
Close up of Deer, gave him a red scarf and lit his candles:
Close up of Camel with Myrrh on his back:added red to low-light him:

Plug, added it's prongs. A surrealism yellow line in the street as well as a cord to plug in the tree's lights (which doesn't need a plug):

Nov.17,2011; Stage 7:
Finished small Snow Globe in upper right corner --Close view:
Close up of Sheep with low-lights added to his Frankinscense gift:

Beginning Stage 3, close up of bird:

Close up of Bird w the Tree's Star; colorful black crow to the rescue with the shinning star to top the tree:


Top of painting:

Bottom of painting:
I have to add an instrument for the elephant to provide a focal spot, finishing touches and get a better picture of this work to post. Snow Globe is the changed name of this work:

Alot of pieces to this one. Sometimes I tend to paint many paintings into one. ;-/

Gave elephant gold and an instrument:

Bottom with finishing changes like worked on highlighting the snow and the town's lights, shaded deer's winter-wear, gave elephant an instrument, etc.:
Top with a swirling effect added:

Final "Snow Globe" Painting work with finishing touches:
TaDa..., "Snow Globe" is finished!

*My backyard pond, Painting number #2:*
Stage One, My backyard Pond

Hard at work today, Yikes on the pic, lol! (October24)

My set up and Stage Two of "My Backyard Pond."
Stage two is just outline my plan on canvas.

Update: Okay, I've had some inquires about this one. Lol, I have not forgotten about it; One thing about posting the progress... I find, I cannot be too lazy. Hee... The weather shifted toward winter, changing the pond. I didn't want to paint the look of the current pond (dead plants, fish huddled below, etc). I will resume it once it warms up and the pond's plants come back to life. ;-) So, you will have to stay tuned to see how it turns out. ;0)

*Pussy and Willow, painting number #3:*
Stage One and Two of Pussy & Willow
(planning on doing a minimal approach to my cats face and a pussy willow arching on the side).

I sketch my plan out.
Stage Three

Stage Four
Painted the minimalistic cat.

Stage 5, Began pussy willow branch, worked on eyes.
Getting close to being done on this one. However, because it is oil, I will need to wait until this layer drys.
Stage Six of Pussy and Willow

Stage 7 has highlighted eyes and color added to the pussy willow branch.
Pussy And Willow
60x48, Oil on canvas

*Sea Horse, painting number  #4:*
I wanted to do a Black Seahorse. I saw my first seahorse on a dive in Bon Aire. He was alone, a delicate, slow moving seahorse (as he slowly moved his head just a little); we found  him hanging onto some coral. I was so excited about it that I had to paint him!

Stage One above, Stage Two below:

Stage Two of Sea Horse is above.
You can tell on stage two, I decided to go more blue and less green and yellow on this because I wanted to make a cave.
Stage two is usually just getting my idea down on canvas with a lighter paint.

Close up of the soon to be Seahorse. The great thing about the early stages is that I can brain storm while doing it. I am thinking of changing the composition of this one. I am wanting it to be more unusual or special. I have several ideas on how to change it... so, keep watching. ;-)

Stage 3. I decided to add a second seahorse looking right at the viewer; so here I have sketched her in.

Seahorse, Stage 4. Now I begin painting with oil color:

Stage 5, Painting one layer of color on Seahorses (blues):

Stage 6, Painting second layer of colors, (Purples and Blacks):

Stage 7. Added some sea coral and sponges (color). Gave shadow to the female seahorse to give her a look of hidding from the viewer.

Stage 8. (Photo blurry and off-color) Second layer of paint on main coral:

Stage 9.

Finished: Seahorse Surprise

*Sneak peak of the latest two that I'm working on, currently in my home studio (which is a mess): *
The one on the tall essel in the background is an abstract.
In the front, here is a close up of a work in progress that I am currently calling, "Merpeople:"

Stay Tuned :0) :

Finished them:
Finished "Mandarin Dreams," (Changed name). The name came about from the fish faces that I painted to resemble the beautiful fish: Mandarins.
Finished: "Torrential  Abstract."