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Monday, December 5, 2011

Today I made two wire and fabric Christmas Wreaths

I wanted to replace my old wreaths that I hang up for Christmas this year.
Here is how they turned out.

A close up of one of them:

What you will need:
Two wire wreath frames (if you want to make two wreaths) from any craft store:

Fabric scraps:
My fabric shelf:
ZigZag scissors, or Pinking shears:

Christmas nick nacks:

1. Choose your fabric (how many fabric choices you decide on does not matter). I picked green and red this year. You can go with whatever colors fit your Christmas decore. The images or patterns on the fabric will not be seen, it is more about color:

2. Cut into about 11 inch strips:
I find it easiest to cut like seen in the below image:

Once it is cut horizontally, fold in half and cut. This will give you at least four strips in fewer cuts:

Don't forget to cut the ends off. The zigzag edge will not frey and the white edge is not attractive:

Regular scissors would leave fabric that would eventually frey without a hem. This Zig Zag edge will not frey:

3. Take your wire frame and fold your fabric strip over the first wire rung:
4. Now tie once, no need to knot it:

#1 wire ring. Beginning on wire one:
Decide on a pattern and repeat it. Use the horizontal wire to separate the sections, seen in the above photo. Use 7 fabric strips between these wires for the first ring.

Finished first ring:
#2 wire ring. Starting on wire two. Note the folded fabric strip on wire two in the photo above. Use 9 strips between the separated sections on the second hoop.

Wire hoop two completed, leaving two more rings left to do:

#3 ring. Now on the 3rd wire ring:
For the third ring, use ten strips between sections (as you get into larger wire hoops, there is more space to fill up):
Working on the third:
#4 ring. Just the forth ring left:

Finished one wreath:
I looked at it and thought it needed more "Christmas." I dug out some old fabric scraps of some festive candy striped fabric:

I cut about 10 strips of the striped and of the plain red a bit longer than the previous cut strips (about 16 inches) because I wanted these to stand out past the others. I just tied them onto the frame where I thought the wreath could use some spark. Kind of like highlighting our hair. ;0)
Now to do it all again.
I did all the above steps times two to the second wreath.

Now it is time to add our little Christmas nick nacks:


The wreaths are finished:
Side by side, two for double doors:
Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays! ;-)

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  1. Wow, that was pretty amazing! I am so amazed at how you patiently put them together and make it a beautiful wreath. Simply fantastic

    Anne Walker
    Christmas wreath ideas