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Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to make a Valentine Wreath for your front door, or a sport theme one for your Sweetheart! Arts & Crafts how to make seasonal displays & centerpieces. Father's Day or Mother's Day.

  For Valentine's DaY:

How to make a Valentine Wreath for your front door, or your Sweetheart
Materials Needed:
A wreath form found at a craft store. (Purchase a grapevine, metal-wire, straw, or Styrofoam wreath in the shape of a heart from your local craft store). Here is a link to one found on Oriental Trading, or they can be found at most craft stores: http://www.orientaltrading.com/ui/browse/processRequest.do?demandPrefix=12&sku=41/1556&prodCatId=501071&mode=Browsing&sp=true&requestURI=processProductsCatalog&tabId=2&Ipp=16&No=32&sd=Grapevine+Heart+Wreath#RL9
Obtain your desired items for the wreath: lavender, baby’s breath, silk roses, Hydrangeas, eucalyptus, ribbon, feathers, bird houses and etc from a craft supply store, or an online store.

For the Sport Lover:
 If you are looking to make a Valentine gift for the man in your life, a sport theme wreath would be something he would hang happily on his door! Items for a sport theme wreath can be trading cards (found at Wallmart), sport flags, ticket stubs (either real or a handmade imitation of them), footballs, even figurines (found on Ebay).
Materials Needed:
Florist wire and hot glue gun

Ribbon and Scissors
Valentine card and Whole punch
Camera (optional)
Wreaths are too easy to make. Take your grapevine wreath and insert flowers, or feathers into the groves of the wrapped vine. Hot glue them into place or wrap your florist wire around the wreath and items to hold them into place.

If you want to wrap a ribbon around the wreath that would work too; simply wrap in one direction and you can use a different colored ribbon to wrap in a criss-cross pattern the other direction, tie a bow at the top of the heart, or the bottom of a round shape. Or use a metal frame like this one and tie ribbon or fabric scraps to the frame.
For the sport theme:
You can make your own sport flags that resemble a narrow diamond shape (It should look like two of these flags back to back, or end to end) and wrap and tie the flags around the wreath, or a wire wreath, tie onto the wires.  String ribbon through trading cards, ticket stubs and handmade footballs that have been holepunched. You can glue figurines and footballs too.

Holepunch the Valentine card, string a ribbon though it and attach it to the wreath. Now you may give it to its recipient.  Or take a photo of yourself holding a message and use it as a card. Or you can let your children get involved, and take a photo of them with a card they made.

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