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Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Paint Glass for Gifts or for Yourself! Arts & crafts personalized gifts or for your home.

How to Paint Glass
After you read this blog, to learn more about painting glass, --also view: http://lisakramerartlifestyle.blogspot.com/2012/02/painting-glasses-wine-charms-today-i.html
You will need:
Glass Paint
Surface prep
Brushes and/ or a sponge
Etching paint (optional) 

Start off by purchasing some glasses; these were a dollar each at the dollar store.
Prep the glass surface with a surface conditioner. I used a sponge, but a paint brush is fine. My conditioner came with my paints or you can find it separate at a craft store, next to the glass paints. Let the glasses dry.
I used some glass etching, also called white frost on the inside of the glass in a design. This step is optional. The effects of this application will not show, or be complete for ten days of drying time (which is why I only did the inside of the glass.
Now I am ready to paint. I choose to buy the less expensive kits for my paints because I wanted a variety of colors. Unless you are planning on doing alot of glasses; I'd recommend these kits because a normal tube is alot of paint and it would get expensive.
The two glasses after painting them. One I went with a Sea Life theme because I love anything ocean and the other because I was thinking of a friend who loves Martini's and women, hee...
A close up of the other side of the wine glass with the ocean theme. You can see the etching paint inside of the glass on this one. I wanted it to look like seaweed frosted inside of the glass. A clear look at the finished product on the etching will be visible in ten days.
The martini glass with a brunette and a blonde ladies face, their hair curls around the glass. You can see the etching inside of the glass in an "S" wave around the entire rim of the glass (to resemble the hair curls).
 Close up of the brunette; notice the etching along the inside rim.
Now it is time to seal your glasses with a sealant to protect the glasses. Again, mine came with the kits, note the two clear little containers on the left. Otherwise, the sealants are also sold in the craft stores next to all the glass paints.
Have fun! How much fun will it be for you to enjoy your own handywork, or the receivers of your gifts will think of you everytime they take a drink. ;-)

For a second blog on painting glasswear and wine charms see: http://lisakramerartlifestyle.blogspot.com/2012/02/painting-glasses-wine-charms-today-i.html