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Monday, February 27, 2012

Painting Glasses / Wine Charms today --I took pics along the way...

After reading this blog on how to do glass painting, if you would like to learn more also view: http://lisakramerartlifestyle.blogspot.com/2011/01/how-to-paint-glass-for-gifts-or-for.html

How to Paint Glass:

Painting Glasses and wine charms today and I took pics along the way. ;-)
You will need:
  • Glasses
  • Glass Paint
  • Surface prep
  • Brushes and/ or a sponge
  • Sealant
  • Etching paint (optional)

First purchase some inexpensive glasses or make something with glass that you would like to paint (I did some wine glass charms today too).

Use glass paints that you can find at any craft store. In the photo are brushes, surface conditioner, sealant, glasses, charms, and a magazine or newspaper to protect your work surface. I love to recycle grocery trays for all kinds of craft work.
Close up of just the paints. I see no need to buy a larger supply of paint; these glass painting kits work great and are less money to buy than the paints in the individual bottles, --unless you will be doing hundreds of glasses. ;-)
Surface condition your glasswear with a sponge or paintbrush. The conditioner is in the clear bottle sitting on the tray.(click on image to enlarge to see it close up).
Surface condition Wine Charms, or any other glass project too. (On a later blog I will show how to make these type of charms --but that is another project and blog). ;0)
Start painting your glass. You can begin with something simple like poka-dots. First I fosted the glasses (with a frost or etching paint and then just applied dots). Very simple and they make great rock glasses for drinks. ;-)

You can also use the etching paint to write words, like I did on the back of this one. ;-)

You can also do crystal steamwear, like these. I did sea-life on them. Just paint your favorite things. ;-)
On the left is a Frog in a Cup and a red crab is in the back right; poka dots are in the front.
A mix of painted glasses.

Here is a tea-pot. It is cute to paint something that goes around the glass, so that you have to turn it to view the entire image.
Tea pot spout above:
Tea pot handle bellow:

Close up of steamwear:

Close up of Coffee cup and tea pot handle:

Close up of Frog in a cup (note: turning the fish so you can see how it goes around the glass), and Fish in a cup:

Collection of today's glasswear:

Finished Wine Charms:
Pile of wine charms, ready to go:
--And some new necklaces:
But a how to on these will be in another blog. ;-0_

Enjoy Glass Painting!

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