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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snowman, 2011: Outdoor fun, Play, What to do with Snow.

What do you do with all that lovely white stuff?                      
How to Make YoUr OwN FrOstY; a Snowman how to... hee.

You will need:
Plenty of moist packing white snow
a carrott, or button
2 pieces of charcoal
a small curved thin stick, or several small rocks
2 large thin sticks with little branch outs on the ends
Corncobb pipe, or a cigar

1. Roll the base into a large fat ball shape. It has to be larger than the other two balls you will make. The fatter, the better for stability.
2. Pack a second smaller fat round ball. Place on top of the base ball.
3. Roll a third, smaller than the second ball for the head of your snowman.
4. Place the third, and smallest ball on top of the other two that are now stacked.

5. On the top ball that is the head, push coal into face, fairly hard to get them to stay in place.
6. Make a small hole for the carrott nose, and insert carrott.
7. Use small rocks to shape a smiling mouth, or a curved thin stick will work. Pace the pipe or cigar by mouth.
8. Stick the longer arm sticks, with little branches on the end (resembling hands) into the middle snow ball.
9. Wrap scarf around the neck.

10. Place the hat upon his head... Yes, I am being silly.

The FuN Had to come to an end.
The remains of our SNowMan...

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