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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn & Halloween DIY decorating in my bathroom

I just love autumn. This time of year just gets to me. This is what I was up to today. ;-)
 Today I cleaned my bathrooms, but felt a bit frisky bc of the briskness in the air.
Apothecary Jars are great! You can do anything w them. Here I simply took dried grn peas, red beans and popcorn kernels and layed them in the jar. I added a candle to the inside and some burlap and a brown sheer ribbon tied around the outside. Done, too EasY! This arrangement will last the entire Autumn season, --through Thanksgiving.

I decided to have a bit of fun making some Halloween decor items in my clean bathrooms. These pictures are of our guest bath, that gets the most visitors. ;-) 

 My black kitty was "helping" me... he looks Halloween enough, lol, so I'm including his picture.
The Sink:
I simply cut a Casper ghost like shape out of blk paper, poster board would work too. I used double sided tape to adhere my shape to the mirror. EasY!
The Toilet:
Here I did the same thing, but on white paper. I had to draw the eyes in w a black marker. Now, if your toilet is white, then black paper would look better, and you could cut out the White's of the eyes, and cut out black circles for the pupils.   ;0)

I had so much fun w this idea that I thought I'd share... I hope you can "play" this Halloween too. Cleaning the bathroom used to be such a drag... now it is fun! Tee, hee... ;0)

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