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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Pack-Rat Poem, written by Lisa Kramer

Hello everyone, I haven't posted a blog in long while; a few of my good blog buddies have spoken. ;-) So, I'm going to begin with simply posting what is the easiest; posting the latest thing I already wrote, lol ~ a poem! 

Today I have family helping out their mom to de-clutter and clean her home. Getting a house ready to sell is a large task for anyone, it becomes an even greater challenge when you're dealing with someone who leans towards a 
pack-rat mind set. I can say this because my own mother can fall into the pack-rat category. It may that generation, hence my choice of the word pack-rat over today's word, hoarder. Although, not as bad as the television show, mind you. 

A few hours ago, I was sent a text containing of a photo of my husband, standing on the beach (during a break, I guess), and under the image was the following words, "Clutter, clutter, mountains of clutter, far as the eye can see." So because my thumbs went to typing, my love of writing, and my weird ability to talk about anything, I got carried away as I finished his poem. ;0)
So I texted back the following: 

"In the garage I shutter, as a whiff of stench lingers in my nose, so I sputtered and stuttered while I uttered,"what the futter!" I muttered, "cheese cutters, butter tubs, an old gutter, linoleum cutters, and a putter, junk as far as the eye can see! 

In the fridge, as far as the eye can see, dates of old apple butter, brown butter?, or is that green to be seen?, cocoa butter, peanut butter, and a 2008 jar of bread and butter! Alas I see the source of the smell, an anchovy butter long abandoned. I see its green sheen, wanted to scream, but threw up peagreen over my bluejean, as far as the eye can see. 

So, I ask the nearby complaining teen, Colleen to clean while I dejean. I need a vaccine, a clean steam, as this latrine of sea green and clutter takes me aflutter. The only thing missing is snail butter! 

I dutter, take a cigar cutter, and rutter to the beach, sea green, as far as the eye can see; as a whiff of sea lingers in my nose, I'm no longer nutters, I'm now all butters!"

The texting was all in good fun; breaking up the monotony of the non-fun task of going through items long forgotten, until the owner of the clutter sees the bin of saved glass jars and empty plastic butter bins; suddenly, those items are precious Keepers! Once home from his trip, he later he said of his sisters, "they were saints dealing with all of that; while I did the easier chores of house and outdoor repair." Anyone reading this, who is currently helping with the declutter task might chuckle and certainly can relate!

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