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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Art Award Nights, 2011 : Paintings, Artist.

Gallery Award Events for 2011; Jan, Feb, and April, (I did not enter anything the month of March: I am not usually as functional on the death anniversary of my husband; he died in that month).

Visit: http://lisakramerart.com/ , to see better quality pictures of the paintings listed here.
Last night we had an award night at Atlanta's gallery. For those that followed "Whimsical Affection", it won an award:
We spent some of the check on our dinner after the ceremony was over.
Here I am standing in front of "Should We Go In?"
"Should We Go In", won in Feburary. The subjects were my neighbor's adorable little boys. I thought putting them in the door of a kid's fantasy world would be a fun project. ;-)

"(Reality) An Ambrosial Metaphysical or Mortal Universe" won an Honorable Mention award:
I think the event was in late January. This is a painting of a dream I had. I do most of my work that way; I try to capture the dreams that I have. I keep a pen by my bed, so that I will not forget them when they come. To me, they are inspired works and I feel compelled to share. ;-)
 Here I am receiving a check from the President of the Art Association:
"Dreams" won the Cellar 13 contest in January. We had pictures of it hanging, but I cannot seem to locate the photos. Hee, he...They may have been deleted off the camera by someone who will remain ;0) un-named:

This is all the photos I have of award evenings. I will have to get better about taking a camera in future events. ;-D

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