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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stages of Development for Whimsical Affection, a Painting of two Horses. Art, How to paint process.

Many of my facebook and blog friends enjoy seeing the stages of paintings and have asked me to post some work "in progress" again. It has been awhile since I posted any stages, so I guess I have been slacking, lol. Here are the stages of a painting I did in February.
The title is Whimsical Affection. It is a whimsical painting of two horses who have love for one another. Of course, I had to "Lisa-ize it." Lol, that is how some gallery managers describe my work. ;-)
Whimsical Affection
The finished work is at The Atlanta Artist Center gallery right now. It is oil and acrylic, 48 X 36 inches, on canvas with  2 inch stretched sides that are painted as a continuation of the painting onto all four sides. I believe this gives my work a more 3D appearance in "real life," photos do not capture texture or the 3D aspects of  original works. ;-)

 Stage One, covering the canvas with color. Oil and acrylic are the medium's used in this painting.

Stage Two, sketching with paint my outline or idea.

Stage Three, adding more form.

Stage Four, adding more color.

  Stage Five, adding one of my signatures, expressive eyes. I believe the eyes are the window into the spirit of all living things.

Putting on the horse manes, giving the painting life! I also added another signature; I love to use the splatter and drip techniques, seen on the horse's mane on the left. (This picture shows only one color, the remaining colors, or coats of paint on the mane can be seen in the last picture).

 Finished painting! All final touches done.
Neigh... ;-D


  1. I love love love this!!!


  2. wow, that is amazing! i love the many layers you've got going on, and really appreciate the steps you described. i love how different, yet cohesive, it is! wonderful!