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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bring Spring In w Creativity; the Outdoors in, Flowers, and FlowerPot Cupcakes! How to cook kid's cupcakes.

How to have spring fun with Cupcakes. ;-)
I love to have fun with spring; I like to bring in flowers, grasses, bulbs, and I make food that is fun springtide!         Daffodils, don't you just love them?The sure sign of spring...
Or, you can take carnations, or roses and simply add food color to their water to get them any spring color you desire. Green is great for St. Patrick's Day or Spring. (But,for earlier in the year, you can even go red for Valentine's Day!) How about red, white and blue on July 4? The options with using food coloring are endless!  Or use this idea to be just another creative way to bring in the green! Use fancy when deciding on what vases or containers to hold your flowers. Aren't tea cups so adorable?
(dislaimer: pic from lookiloos)
Another very simple way to bring in the green.                    
Simple black retangular vases look great w grass.
Now for the CuPcaKeS:
I love to make various springtime cupcakes this time of year. The kids love them too!
Can you think of anything more kid-friendly-spring, than FlowerPot Cupcakes?
                               Silicone flower pots make kid friendly cupcakes. I bought these at Michaels. I have also filled them w chocolate pudding and gummy worms, lol. ;-)

 I love to play w colors of icing!

 I found this idea too cute to not share! I am always looking for a cupcake that is more boyish for my sons. How about these? Dain loves argyle.

So, have fun with the simple cupcake:
 Or you can always dye your dog green for the Spring. ;-)

 Lol, Not serious, just joking. ;-)

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