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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Backyard Summer FuN w the Kids

Okay, so I remember playing yard darts as a kid. The darts were huge flying daggers that were more than dangerous; what were we thinking? Today, you can make lawn darts out of fabric, or a plastic grocery bag in the shape of a dart  with a tassle at the end and fill with sand. Aim for a hula hoop. Same game, just less of a chance of stabbing our kids.

Today, have fun w your kids on the cheap.
Fun ideas:  
I ran across this video series and found it worth sharing. There are several clips to watch. My favorite ideas are on the clip showing backyard games:
"Backyard Game Faves."
Holly Robinson Peete is your narrator and a very cool lady too. ;-) Check it out and have fun with your kids!


(You have to click on the link, clicking on the picture will not work).
And remember Asteroids? The video game of our youth. Now video gaming is advanced, keeping our kids faces deep into the computer or television. Get them outside by going "old school."

Get the kids out of the video games and outside into the backyard.


What You Need:

Four to six players
  • 1 soccer ball (the planet)
  • 1 foam ball (the asteroid)

  1. Divide players into two teams.
  2. The object of the game is for Team Asteroid to throw their foam ball and hit Team Planet's soccer ball. Team Planet controls their ball by kicking it around, trying to keep it from Team Asteroid. Team Asteroid players are not allowed to take any steps with their ball. Instead, they must pass it to teammates, trying to get it in the hands of a player close enough to the planet for a shot.
  3. When the foam ball hits the soccer ball, the teams switch roles.
More great ideas can be found at Disney's Family Fun. It is a site I hit regularly. ;-)
Have Some Summer Family Fun, Everyone!

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