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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For a gift idea, How about making Ocean Candles in a Spa Basket?

Ocean Candles, a how to guide.
I did an earlier post on using seashells to make creative items for the home: http://lisakramerartlifestyle.blogspot.com/2011/05/seashells-turn-ordinary-household-item.html.
This was one of the ideas presented in that blog from which a reader asked me to elaborate on the "how to" part of the candle. Since I use this blog to stay inline with my everyday life, I wanted to do this post once I actually was making one for someone.

Recently we were invited to a retirement party and I wanted to come up something more personal than a cheap basket full of unwanted items for this "spa theme" party.
So, here goes...

The handmade candles:
The Gift Basket:
Items you will need to make the basket:
1. Spa Items that you would use (like lotions, foot soak, bath items like sea salts, or go the pedicure /manicure path)
2. A basket that you have or purchase an inexpensive one like the one I bought (see below). Since this gift was for a teacher, I thought a plastic green office file box would be different and fun. I even inserted her name on the file label slot.
3. Tissue paper to put inside the box.
4. Shrink wrap.
5. Ribbon to make a bow, or buy one already made.
6. Sissors or shears.

 The windex is to shine the finger prints off the glass candle holders:

What You will need to make the ocean candles:
1. Two glass candle holders (the dollar store has these for one dollar each).
2. Some shells (this basket of shells was a dollar).
3. Sand, it can be free if you gather it from outside, or you can find inexpensive sand (like I did).
4. Two candles small enough to fit into your glass holders.

First stage of BASKET:  I assembled my basket first, making it attractive and pretty; Then I put it aside. (I added the handmade candles at the end).
1. Tissue paper on bottom.
2. Arrange your goodies in the basket.
The shrink wrap and bow will come later.

How to make the candles:

1. Take your empty glass candle holders:
2. Add sand one third of the way up, making them equal if you are making two.
3. Arrange your shells:

4. Add water. Take your arrangement with or without it's candle to your faucet. If it is not a gift, I add water before placing the candle. However, it does not matter the order.
At faucet take care to gently pour in the water, so you do not disrupt your shells:
*Note: If you are giving it as a gift, it will look like this without water. You simply let them know that they will need to put water in to make the candle float. ;-)
These candles cost $2.50 to make each; $5.00 for two.

5. After water is added. The sand particles (cloudy water) will settle. Simply lay your candle on top of the water.
6. If it is for you and not a gift, light it. ;-)

Second stage of BASKET: Add your newly made candles to your basket.
For me, things got a little crowded, so I had to wiggle things around to fit. It went from this:
To This:
Third stage of BASKET: Now it it time to put your shrink wrap bag around your basket. (When you are purchasing your bag, make sure the measurement of the bag is large enough to go around the basket you will be using).
I suck the air out of the bag and then twist it into a knot to hold the air out before I shrink wrap my basket. Use your blow dryer to make the bag shrink around your gift. The heat will shrink (or kinda melt it a bit).

Fourth stage of BASKET: Make your ribbon and tie it on your shrunk bag.
I made my ribbon, and used the shears to curl some of the extra ribbon. But, you can buy a bow too.

The finished gift:
 Now ready to give to a friend. ;-)

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