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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stages of paintings; Finished two Current Works in Progress

Update: Okay, for those who asked me about the status of these two painting's of our neighbor's home... I took a break from these two paintings for awhile. They are just about finished. A few finishing touches and they will be done. It always feels good to get a project done. I have other paintings that I am wanting to begin. So, for those who like to watch the progress and stages, sorry about only taking two photos on this one. ;-) I'm just glad they are finished! It was kinda sad thinking about the night of the fire. I am ready to paint something fun!

Sad House 2, Your dreams flew away.

Sad House1, Your dreams flew away.
Mixing Impressionist painting style with hyper-realism to create these Surrealistic Works of the night my neighbor's home caught fire. 

Works in progress, as I painted them --two surrealism paintings. There were many stages on these two, and drying time in between. But, I only took two pictures.

I paint most things that impact me in my life. Both works will be in a series and are of my neighbors' home that burned down. "Sad House" will be made into two surrealism paintings.
Sad House on a Rock

This is At the stage of just sketching out the plan on canvas with paint:
These two paintings are at stage two, so they are in the very beginning stages. So, for those that follow my work; I will keep in touch regarding their development. I'm planning on using mixed media acrylic supplies to create texture, I also plan on burning paper to add into the acrylic mediums. Lastly to obtain shine and richness, I will use oil paints and to add even more texture, I'll use thick varnishes at the end. These works are more planned out then most.

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