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Friday, September 2, 2011

Yesterday I worked on my Kitchen Drawers. Purging is getting easier.

I and my house have been a work in progress for the last 4 years. Going through belongings and letting go of "things" is not always a-walk-in-the-park. However, if you can do it, you may feel 'like you are walking through a crisp green park,' by enjoying your new clutter free, "easy to access what you need, because you can find it" home.

Yesterday I went through my kitchen drawers, the one place that I tend to hang on to things is the kitchen. I love to cook, so I need three pairing knives, right? Lol, I just went through and asked the question, do you really need two of these?
Drawers started out looking like this X 4.
 If there was a duplicate, then I put one of the items into a donate pile:
This was the start of my "donate" pile. Usually I give to the Salvation Army. I think this time I will let my two oldest children (who are now out on their own) pick through these items first and donate the rest.
 I started just empting each drawer. Oh my, just where does all that dirt in the bottom come from? I also found dirt in each of my organizing trays. Yuck.
So, I put all the organizational storage containers in the dishwasher.
Top drawer empty and clean.
Top three drawers emptied and cleaned.
Oh my, look what just came out of three drawers!
Look at what I've done to my kitchen! Lol...
It's piling up, four drawers done now.

My Sorting Containers are now being cleaned in the dishwasher. Humm, what should I do while they wash? Intermission time!
While I await the dishwasher for my organizing containers, I take a break, and I took the camera with me, Ahh...
I enjoy the coy in my backyard, they are so relaxing... I love to sit and listen to their waterfall. The sound of dropping water... so zen.

From where I sit, I check out the wisteria. I love how it has climbed up almost into a rooftop. With time it will overlap.

Ummm, sexy husband comes up from his workout.
He looks worn out after running and then cycling. As you can see, my view just got better, hee...

Okay, now back to work!
Now that the sorting trays are clean, I put them back into the drawers.
Top Drawer, silverware now sorted, large wooden cooking spoons on side, and kitchen scissors on the other side. (Note the lime green citrus Zester for the third from last picture that you will see).
Second drawer houses large serving spoons, spatchulas, shewers, serving tongs, wine and cheese accessories.
Third drawer is a knife drawer that includes various microplanes for shredding (chocolate-nutmeg).

The forth drawer is the odds and ends drawer. It houses whisks, cooking tongs, various cutters (pastry- mango), peelers, various thermometers (candy-meat), meat pounder, and potato masher.
Look I got my kitchen back!
The Give Away Pile accumulated as I went:
Just throw all you collected into a bag:
It is now a bag of goodies for someone who will appreciate this stuff that was extra clutter in my drawers. Cute little yellow citrus zester, hugh? Yep, I have another green one just like it! Lol! We do have to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

So, now I'm done. I sit my feet on my old painting stool. --Feels good to let go of stuff... it really does. I'm thinking it is not really a Thursday... lol; I pretend it is Friday; I'm choosing to relax and enjoy my night.
Ahh, nothing like Home Sweet Home...

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