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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Essential Oil Recipes! Diffuser, Allergies, Afterbite roller, Anti-Snore, Anti-Fugus/Bacteria, Eyelash growth, Baby wipes, Lip balm

Essential Oil Recipes!

I've been enjoying the use of essential oils; the following are the recipes I've been making in our household. I'll keep adding more recipes, as I come up with more that are a success for our family. 

I've been using DoTerra, but I'm also experimenting with other brands, as well as researching the "best oils." I may do a follow-up post on the results. 

FAV's: My current favorite DoTerra oils are: OnGuard, Slim & Sassy, Zendocrine, DigestZen, Frankincense and Motivate.

My current FAV diffusing recipes: 

Pollen be Gone:
I live in Atlanta, pollen count is crazy! Allergies are a problem!
2 drops peppermint
2 drops lemon
2 drops lavender
Breathe (at night)

Study Time:
(You could call it the anti-ADD too).
2 drops peppermint
2 drops wild orange
2 drops rosemary
2 drops wild orange

2 drops frankincense
2 drops balance
1 drop vetiver (optional; it is more sedating for evening)

2 drops rosemary
2 drops lavender
2 drops lemon
Elevation also smells welcoming. 

Where I get my essential oils from:  http://www.doterra essential oils

Here are the diffusers that I use and love: 

I have these two 500ml diffusers in my great room:



I use this 100 ml in my bedroom:

~For the links: copy and paste them into your browser, this post looked strange with all the links active, because they were all an ugly orange shade.;-/

Fav all purpose cleaner:

This it the recipe I've settled on for cleaning my counters, and etc. I usually make one batch, filling a large glass sprayer for me, and one small sprayer each for my mom's (my mother and my mom-in-law). (Most recipes that I make, I send out at least two small size gifts for family or friends).

I usually write on a sticker the recipe, and stick it onto the bottle.

1 Tbl OnGuard cleaner concentrate
20 drops Purity
20 drops Wild Orange
1 cup vinegar
1 cup water
1/2 cup rubbing alcohol

Fav outdoor must have:
I'm always on the lookout for ways to use old standards, like witch hazel. Here is a recipe I've been using for: Sunburn and bug bites. It is also good for perinuem issues and hemorrhoids. ;-) 

Bites be Gone:
2 drops peppermint
3 drops lavender
Witch hazel to fill 1 oz spray or roller glass bottle. 
Package deal for various glass containers: 

Anti-Snoring treatment:My next ToDo project is to formulate an anti-snoring remedy. I haven't tried this yet, due to not having the more costly ingredients, but I've researched various herbs and have come up with the following recipe: 

"Be Gone %#@!" Snoring:

5 drops rose
3 drops clary sage
3 drops roman chamomile
3 drops marjoram
2 drops eucalyptus (optional: globulus)
2 drops myrtle 
1 Tbl fractionated coconut oil

At bedtime: Rug  onto chest (not on breasts), neck (including back of neck), shoulders and back.

Fav Allergic Reaction treatment; or what I enjoy saying, "die fungus & bacteria," stuff:

My dog is allergic to everything! Meat, grass, and wheat, so he experiences itchy feet, bacterial and fungal infections on his tail and in his ears regularly. His prescribed food is made only of fish and sweet potato; which we can now find cheaper at Pet Smart. We had been giving him an anti-bacterial ear drop and skin medicines; however, the chronic use of medication is not good! So, I made up this topical and it has worked extremely well for him. I experimented before I decided on this recipe, and I found the most effective ingredient to killing fungus or bacteria on him was oregano! ~It is powerful, so I'd be careful not to not put it on directly onto a pet's skin, without diluting it first. 

BTW, this recipe is great for people too. 

Be Gone Fungus Bacteria!:
Or what we call it, Puppy Cure: 
12 drops of lavender
12 drops of oregano
7 drops of onguard
4 drops of frankincense
3 drops of digestzen or ginger
3 drops of immortelle
1 drop of rosemary 
1 drop basil
1 Tbl aloe vera
1 drop calendula oil (optional)
1 drop of weak cloves** (Optional; I infused the weak olive oil mixtures myself, using low heat and about a 1/2C of cloves with fractionated coconut oil); giving a weaker, less concentrated version. 
1 drop of weak garlic**(Optional; Over low heat, I infused my garden's garlic bunches into fractionated coconut oil; giving a weaker, less concentrated version. 
**Due to potential garlic and clove toxicity issues for small dogs; I prefer the weaker concentrate).
1 Tbl. or 1/2 oz fractionated coconut oil

Add the first 12 ingredients to your glass bottle; I get the aloe vera into the bottle by using a small funnel. Then I add the coconut oil into the funnel, which gets the rest of the soothing aloe vera into the mix. Mix ingredients by shaking the 1 oz. glass bottle. I purchased a dropper for application. Two links:

For a skin infection:  Apply topically, making sure to not get into eyes, privates or nose. Once your pet has been diagnosed with dermatitis or skin allergies, tests can find what pollen's, dusts, insects or molds cause their allergic reaction; however, it will not test food allergies that cause skin rashes.

For an ear infection: Dilute Bragg organic apple cider with sterile water  (50% to 50% ratio). Fill ear until full of liquid and rub around; then let him shake them. Carefully q-tip or cotton ball out the black infection. Add two drops of essential herb oil mixture to each ear and rub ear around. This last step is my dogs favorite part. 
Great video if your afraid to use q-tips:

Eyelash Growth Nourish:

Eyelash Serum:

Use fractionated coconut oil or the solid variety, vitamin E oil or organic castor oil as main ingredient.
 2 drops each of lavender & lemon. 10 oz. roller glass bottle.

Apply roller to under eye skin area; gently rub lashes into oil.  Note: don't get Essential oils into your eyes. 

Here is the brand I buy. Link to buy:  http://www.amazon.com/Castor-Organic-Pressed-Virgin-Dr-Adorable/dp/B00H5WB1OU

For cobalt blue glass:
I just love the cobalt blue color, but they usually cost a bit more than the clear or brown. Due to the variety of choices and price, I usually purchase glass from Amazon. I make care packages for my family, so I send out a lot of containers ;0)

Link to Amazon; I search for whatever container I'm looking for on their website: http://www.amazon.com/Rioa-Essential-Oils-Roller-Bottles/dp/B015IR3SB2

FAV Wipes:

I use wipes for most things; I like to keep them handy in the car and my "baby" is 17! Lol. 

Easy Baby Wipes:


1 roll of heavy duty paper towels like Bounty.
2 ¼ cups of water (or distilled, which will last longer than one week)
2 Tbsp baby bath
15 drops of lavender or favorite essential oil that is approved for babies.
1 Tbl baby oil
Cut paper towels in half with an electric knife. Place in a plastic container, add liquid. Remove cardboard center and pull wipes from the center.


Completely Natural Baby Wipes:


1 roll heavy duty paper towels like Bounty
1 ¾ Cups water (or distilled, which will last longer than one week)
1 Tbl aloe vera
1 Tbl witch hazel extract
1 Tbl liquid castile soap
6 drops grapefruit
6 drops wild orange
6 drops lavender
1 ½ tea vitamin E oil
1 tea almond oil

FAV Lips:

Chap-stick or lip balm:

Ingredients & links to find what I buy at bottom:

3 tea. Or 1 Tbl Or ½ ounce beeswax
3 tea. Or 1 Tbl Or ½ ounce pure solid coconut oil 
1 ½ tea. Or ½ Tbl Or ¼ ounce shea butter
1 ½ tea. Or ½ Tbl Or ¼ ounce cocoa butter
15-30 drops favorite flavor of essential oil http://www.doterra essential oils (my fav's: wild orange, lemon or rose)
2 tea vanilla extract

Microwave mixture in a Glass measuring cup; stirring frequently, until melted.

Links to buy:

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