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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brie for a party or brunch: Easy Recipe

A neighbor and friend's daughter requested this recipe. I had made a brie for her mother's 50th birthday party. I could not remember which toppings I used on that brie, because the options are limitless and I like variation, hee... So, this recipe covers all the options for a brie.
Ready to cut into this baby? Yum.

3/4C. apricot, raspberry, or favorite preserves, I usually use raspberry and slivered almonds.
(Optional) An additional 1/2 C preserves; decide what toppings you want in your brie, instead of preserves you can use Brown sugar, Pecans, fresh cut up apples, or fresh Berries, etc. Bries can also be savory instead of sweet by using ingredients like rosemary and chives instead of the preserves or fruit.

Pictured is phyllo dough, thin sheets that have to keep moist until used, or they will dry out. They make a very flaky crust, perfect to wrap a brie in!

1 6 inch wheel Brie or Camembert cheese
phyllo dough, 10-12 sheets, thawed if they were frozen
1/2 c. butter, melted                                              

Directions:  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Make a egg wash by mixing an egg with 1 Tbl of Milk.
2. Brush butter over each sheet of phyllo dough, one at a time, and place in a pie plate or quiche dish, with the ends hanging over the edge. (Keep unused phyllo covered with damp cloth while wrapping Brie or it will dry out and be unusable.) Cut the dough on the edges if necessary to make them more even.

Note the red topping in the center of this brie. This brie was wrapped with puff pastry instead of the phyllo dough. Another good option for a crust; however, I prefer the layers of the flaky phyllo these days.
2. (optional step) Cut the brie along it's length to insert a topping of your choice (so that it will be in the middle of your brie). Topping can be a preserve, a mixture of brown sugar and pecans, fresh cut apples, fresh berries, etc.     
3. Place bottom of brie in the center on top of the buttered dough sheets. Note: If you choose to not cut the brie, so that there will not be a topping in the middle; Simply put the whole brie in the center of the buttered dough sheets.
4. If you cut the brie in half, now put your topping on the bottom brie half, and then add the top of the brie.

This brie only has a top topping; it was not cut into two pieces, so it will not have a topping in the middle. Either way, you will have a delish brie to dip in!

5. Spread the remainder of the jam or preserves on the top of the brie.
6. Bring the edges of the phyllo dough up over the top and seal well, using the egg, milk wash, (or some cooks just continue to use butter).
7. After you have wrapped the entire brie, you can twist the top, or make the top a dough decoration like a bow. Or just leave it twisted together.  
8. Brush the top with the egg milk wash. (Or just butter if you prefer). Either will help the pastry to brown. The egg wash is an old baker's tip used on pies; I prefer to use a light egg wash on my pies.
9. Cook in a 400 degree oven for 15-20 minutes, depending on your oven. I usually set the timer for 12 minutes and start watching it because I use a convection oven. Pull it out once it has a golden brown crust.  
 Enjoy! ;-)

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