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Monday, May 30, 2011

Art Studio Organized w alternative work space delima solution.

This is my makeshift art studio. The delima: my old art studio is now a teenager's bedroom. I remarried and gained two teenagers and we needed a forth bedroom. Where do I now paint?
I'm sure this problem of 'not enough home space' is a common one. For some, it may be a need for an office, or just simply a space to create.

This studio was more my vision when I built this house. Lol... It will happen after we are closer to being empty nesters, hee...

Because, my old studio is now a youth's bedroom. This is what my old digs looks like now. It has been converted to a teen's room:
Yes, it is currently a bedroom. However, I am not complaining, having more kids around is adding so much flavor into my life. I will be sad when we become empty nesters. Youth brings such vibrance with them!

While trying to figure out where to paint, I was using my music room for awhile. It looked something like this:
Note paints on floor. Messy way to create. ;-)

And here, you can see the paints everywhere.
I wish I had taken more before pics of this temporary solution.

It was and still is a music room being used as a studio, lol. This is the music room side:

On the left side of this room, It looks like this:
One Room Converted into Two Rooms with two very different purposes:
I am adding this picture to blog, because a friend wanted to see the two rooms together in one snapshot. This is the two sides in one picture. ;-)

This 'combo room' will be my studio for awhile, sigh. It means I cannot be as messy as I want to be. I can take an easel outside; which is something I will be doing more of now. Maybe it will stretch me as an artist. ;-) The "combo studio" solution will be for about 3 years; so it is not worth making an addition onto my home.
And from behind this view, looking from the loveseat, the second work space area looks like this:

It will do.

I needed to purchase a book shelf and reuse my "paint holding baskets" to house my art supplies.

I think the shelf was around $70.00 at Wallmart. I did not want to spend too much money on anything that will have paint on it. I think my wooden stool had came from Wallmart too.

More paints under the window in a stacking system for "unusual color" paints.

My trusty and inexpensive fan:
A fan runs constantly, drying oil paintings. They need to be dry before I have them scanned to make giclees (high quality copies); I number and sign them. It is much more affordable than the "original painting." They also must be dry before a gallery will hang them.

Blank canvas placed against the walls:

And more:
This is behind the bookshelf.

This is not the dream art studio, but it will make a good substitute solution for awhile. We will call it a surrogate studio for the time being. ;-)

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